The Pleader is a non-profit news portal founded in 2011 by the New Genesis Kigali foundation. The portal focuses primarily on Volunteering, NGOs, Charities and Religious Communities. The portal covers stories from across Africa although it caters mainly to the East African region. The portal features articles in English and Kinyarwanda. The Pleader’s articles are well read across the Great Lakes region and its emphasis on volunteering and charity work has endeared the website to readers.

Our Team

James Radcliffe

James is the Chief Editor of The Pleader. He is also the CEO of the New Genesis Kigali foundation. James’ hometown is Sunderland in England, U.K. Apart from writing; his hobbies include wildlife photography and surfing.

Keith Radcliffe

Keith is a paediatrician and has worked for various health based NGOs in Africa. She is originally from Leeds and met James while volunteering in Rwanda. She is the Co-Editor of The Pleader.

Violet Kabarebe

Violet is the administrator and photographer of Her background in Computer Engineering from the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) combined with her interest in photography makes her indispensable to The Pleader.