m_Police hails taxi-moto operators’ partnership in crime prevention

​Police in Burera District has hailed commercial motorcyclists operating in the district for their community policing strategies in fighting and preventing crimes.

The appreciation was sounded on May 2 during a meeting held at Gahunga Police Station and drew commercial motorcyclists operating under their cooperative known as COTAMORWA.

‎While speaking to the motorcyclists, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Patrick Gasaraba thanked them for their timely information exchange on suspected wrongdoers.

He urged them to maintain the community policing spirit.

“Cooperation of Police with public has continued to register significant achievements as far as peace and security are concerned, you are, therefore, always required to partner with security organs through Community Policing approach in order to further make our communities  free from crime,” said CIP Gasaraba.

He added that, “Your work is valuable to Rwandans and must be protected against criminality of any kind. Some criminals masquerade or use motorcyclists yet they are drug dealers, burglars or suspects in other crimes. You should cooperate with Police by identifying such individuals and report them so that we can together overcome crime.”

“You should also desist from aiding illegal and criminal activities but help your communities in maintaining peace and safety for both lives and property.”

CIP Gasaraba also reminded taxi-moto operators of their duty to maintain road safety by respecting traffic rules and regulations.

“Do not consume alcohol while at work…  otherwise you will put your lives and other passengers’ lives at risk. Always be honest and patriotic,” he added.

The head of COTAMORWA, Jean Damascene Mbarukuze thanked Police for reaching out to them

“We have a unique working relations with police but from this meeting, we recommit to take this partnership further,” Mbarukuze said.

“We, as commercial motorcyclists, have to play a primary role in crime prevention but we can only achieve that through partnership with all security agencies.”

He added that motorists make contacts with lots of people during their daily business and hence get access to a lot of information.

“Most criminals especially drug traffickers use motorcycles to transport illicit commodities including narcotic drugs. We must be more vigilant at all times and ensure that whenever we encounter such people, we immediately inform the police,” said Mbarukuze.

Community policing has been valued and commended as one of the proactive means to overcome crime through partnership with all stakeholders including the public, local leaders and other specific groups.



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