Police urges Muslims to lead in community policing

The District Police Commander (DPC) of Kayonza, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marc Minani held a meeting with about 200 youth Muslims in Mukarange Sector and challenged them to equally play a major role in community policing activities.

The call was made on March 12 during a meeting that focused on strengthening partnership in community policing.

“We live in an era that is characterized with different types of crimes; the faster the world evolves the faster crimes evolve too, this is why all categories of the society should be part of community policing to ensure we are always a step ahead of criminals,” said CIP Minani.

Commending their existing partnership in community policing, CIP Minani noted that a community marred with criminality can never develop, adding that religious denominations also play a significant role in changing the mindset of societies through their summons.

“For a society to be free from any crime and to develop, all people have to have a common understanding and work together, and cooperate with police through timely information sharing on any threat to security,” he added.

The Vice Mayor of Kayonza, Console Uwibambe who attended the meeting urged the Muslim community to maintain their partnership spirit in developmental activities, adding that “development thrives on the good foundation of security.”




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