It was just euphoric – troops dancing and play performances − as Wednesday saw 614 people awarded literacy certificates in Huye district, following a six-month writing-and-reading teaching session under the auspices of the Association of the Pentecost of Rwanda (ADEPR).

“I can write my name into my mobile phone. But I couldn’t own a mobile phone before because I couldn’t even manage to write my name in it”, said Nyirimana, who dropped out of primary school when he was still in year two.

An equally upbeat account for Gérardine Nyiramabindo, 35, a resident of Ruramba sector.

In his remark, Rev. Jean Sibomana revealed that ADEPER has trained over 670,000 adults since 1999.

“If we, as religions combine our efforts, we can easily and on speed eliminate illiteracy in our country,” said Rev.Sibomana

Under the funding of USAID-Ejo Heza, Rev.Sibomana explained that from 2011, ADEPER has trained 37922 people from 8 districts of Rwanda including Huye.

The 6th Phase was made of 5829 adults out of which 614 people were from Huye district.

Rev.Sibomana asked religions and media to play a big role in fighting illiteracy, saying that if some plans are not implemented on time, it becomes an obstacle to fast promotion of adult education.

He however confirms that the biggest number of adults in Rwanda know how to read and write. For instance, out of over 2.6 million people in Southern province, between 25 and 30% are illiterates, according to the Province Governor Alphonse Munyantwari.



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