Gashiru residents get new parish church

Christians celebrate the new parish building in Gashiru

Christians in Gashiru have celebrated the inauguration of a new Catholic parish church building worth over Rwf153millions.

The church was built out of the contributions of Christians who said that the desire to have a permanent house of worship was a commitment to which they have desired for many years since 2004 when the parish was established.

It is a way of being a true and holy Christian, to have a proper house of God’ where we pray from” Patricie Mukayoboka,a local member of Gashiru Parish said.

The new parish, located in Nasho sector in Kirehe district, eastern province of Rwanda, will also serve eight sub-parishes and also be used by residents of Kayonza district who share borders with Kirehe district.

Gerald Muzungu, the Kirehe district Mayor, who represented government at the inaugural ceremony, said that the contribution of citizens to the Catholic Church projects indicates that Rwandans have a changed mindset towards self-reliance.

This is a sign that Rwandan Catholic Christians no longer look out to Rome for help at all times as it used to be. Instead Rwandans are now becoming supportive and partners with Rome” Muzungu said.

Bishop Antoine Kambanda, of Kibungo diocese also commended parishionerss for taking an initiative in constructing the parish with the help their parish priest, Fr. Dieu Donné Uwamahoro.

“This is a structure that stands out among others in the area, but also a symbol of your faith that is paramount of all. Keep this faith alive and also use this church to make the journey of faith” Msgr. Kambanda said




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