THE public should be on the lookout for false prophets, spokesperson for the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda (ADEPER) Jean Sibomana, has said.

Sibomana warned the followers about false prophesy that creates insecurity in the church and the country at large.

He warned church members on November 14during the event to mark 75 years of ADEPER existence Western Province.

ADEPR warns on false prophets

Jean Sibomana

Sibomana highlighted that some of those false prophets go to churches telling believers that war is about to breakout in Rwanda, urging believers to reject such kind of prophesy.

He said: “Where is war in Rwanda? Rwanda is secure, there is nothing like insecurity.”

He also noted that many have appointed themselves into such positions, leading many astray and to eternal damnation.

“They mislead people into what is pleasing to them and ignore the mandate to preach the gospel of repentance and that of God’s kingdom being at hand” Sibomana explained.

One of the followers, Mariyana Mukamana said she believes in prophesy but confirmed that false prophets do exist in ADEPER church.

During the event, Paul Jabo; executive secretary of Western Province commended ADEPER for complimenting the government’s development agenda.

He said the government is appreciative of development projects the churches have been providing for the communities.



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