Muslims called on to uphold purity during Ramadhan  

Muslims have been asked to uphold purity and keep in the presence of Almighty God (Allah) during the month ofRamadhan.

Sheikh Issa Hagumimana, Imam of Nyarugenge district said that the month of Ramadhani provides an opportunity for Muslims to beclose to God, purify themselves, aspecial period all Muslims should be proud of.

“This is the time we renew our commitment to lead lives of uprightness, truthfulness,” he said during the break of the fast at AL- FATIHA Mosque in Nyamirambo, Kigali city.

Every year, the Muslim community across the world takes off 30 days of fast in which time they take a step out of their daily routine for prayer, charity and community.

Speaking during the break of fast that was sponsored by Airtel Rwanda, Sheikh Hagumimana emphasized the need for Muslims to be good examples in the society they come from while they help those in need.

For the second year, Airtel celebrated Iftarwith Muslims, a sign Teddy Bhullar, Airtel Rwanda managing director says is towards promotingtogetherness and unity within the society.

“Ours is a small contribution and we hope that our Muslim brothers and sisters enjoyed their Iftar,” Bhullar said.

Last year Airtel purchased food for the last Iftar (Idi-El-Fitr) for many of our underprivileged Muslim families and today they help other Muslims to break their fast. Thank you Airtel.”

He said, ‘It is great to see Airtel once again for the second year running celebrate with us during the holy month of Ramadhan,” Sheikh Hagumimana.

The month of Ramadhani has seen Telcos Airtel Rwanda and MTN Rwanda showing their competitive muscle through who extends their support to Muslims before thus sparking yet another competition between the two telcos which have  competing in cutting down call rates, mobile money and internet charges.




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