The administration of Pentecostal churches (ADEPER) in Rwanda revealed that they sensitise followers on saving to raise children than embracing family planning which they describe as a taboo against their faith.

Family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children one has and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of contraception or voluntary sterilization

Christine Mutuyemariya, the in-charge of economic affairs in ADEPER- Rwanda said that it’s God who gives the blessing of children and plans how they will live, adding that they can never encourage residents to go against the will of God.

Mutuyemariya explained that they instead teach Christians to work hard and save in order to provide meet family needs.

“Family planning is against our faith and whoever practices it does it on her own. We educate parents to work hard and provide for their children,” said Mutuyemariya.

Some ADEPER members revealed they cannot use family planning when God allowed them a chance to have children but are worried over failure to get basics such as community based Insurance among others.

Beatrice Nyandwi, resident of Nyabimata sector said she cannot afford community based insurance foe her four children but added that she will continue to have children until God stops her.

 “How can I stop giving birth when God blessed me with it? I will continue to have babies and God will always bring my way good people to help me with insurance,” revealed Nyandwi.

Angelique Nireberaho, vice mayor for social affairs in Nyaruguru district highlighted that though ADEPER doesn’t encourage followers on modern methods, they allow them to use natural methods of family planning.

“They don’t go against everything. They accept natural methods of family planning which the district supports its implementation for better results,” said Nireberaho.

Nyaruguru district said that after church sermons, the government sensitises residents on embracing family planning and leaving decision making on them.



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