Aime Bosenibamwe, the governor of Northern Province recruited local religious leaders Wednesday in the war on drugs.

The call to arms came as Bosenibamwe held a meeting between religious and sector officials in his provincial drive to enlist religious anti-drug programs.

 Religious leaders join war against teenage drug use

“We know that youth who are involved in their faith are many times less likely to be involved in self-destructive behaviors,” he said.

This comes after Burera district was ranked the first in Northern Province with the high rate of drugs.

In addition 90 per cent of crimes in Burera district are caused by drug users.

 Religious leaders join war against teenage drug use 2

During the meeting, religious leaders promised to be part of the fight by forming Anti-drugs youth clubs.

Pastor Jean Baptiste Muhayimana, from Anglican confirmed that anti-drug clubs will help to educate residents to avoid and fight drugs.



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