A delegation of bishops and catholic priests in Rwanda offered words of comfort and pledged help for Burundian refugees who fled to Rwanda because of political unrest at Muhama Refugee Camp.

Rwanda clergy visit Burundi refugees

Led by Bishop Thadée Ntihinyurwa from Kigali Archdiocese, chairman of Caritas Rwanda, the fact-finding delegation visited Muhama Refugee Camp to meet with some of the Burundians who have sought safety in recent weeks.

“Christ was a refugee in Egypt. And it is only a refugee who understands better the feelings and emotions of a fellow refugee. Christ is, therefore, here in many ways to guide and console you,” he said.

Rwanda clergy visit Burundi refugees

“I am happy that I am part of this delegation,” Msgr. Ntihinyurwa said, “It is a wonderful show of solidarity. Our presence is a moral boost for them and a reassurance that they are not abandoned.

The catholic bishops donated food, clothes and other hygienic materials worth Rwf51million.




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