The African Moslems Association (Direct Aid), Wednesday, donated 40 Friesian cows to vulnerable in Ndera sector of Gasabo district.

 NGO donates cows to vulnerable genocide survivors

According to Bonheur Munyandamutsa, who represented the Direct Aid, the move was aimed at enabling the recipients to improve their livelihood.

Some beneficiaries who spoke to this website, said the donation was like a dream come true.

Ignace Kayitaba, 43 genocide survivor of Gikomero sector said her cow would produce manure to improve yields in her home garden.

The mother of three said: “I will get manure for my garden and feed my children with milk, something I had never dreamt of”.

 NGO donates cows to vulnerable genocide survivors

Another beneficially, said he hoped to use proceeds from his cow to pay school fees for his two children.



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