Father Yozefu Bishyanuka, Parish priest in Mbazi sector of Huye district called upon genocide perpetrators and those who witnessed the tragedy to speak the truth and be free.

Father Yosefu Bishyanuka revealed this on 3rd May 2015 during the event to commemorate 1994 Tutsi genocide victims in Gatovu of Ruhasya sector in Huye district.

Father Yozefu Bishyanuka, Parish priest Mbazi sector of Huye district

Father Yozefu Bishyanuka, Parish priest Mbazi sector of Huye district

Father Bishyanuka explained that genocide participants should feel guilty and ask for forgiveness as they join other residents to comfort and help better the lives of genocide survivors.

“Like Paul the apostle in Bible, what we ask of you is to turn to God. If your family killed people during genocide and kept quiet, you are like dry leaves that will be thrown into the fire and burnt out,’ said the Father.

He added that being a Christian goes with the change, saying Christianity is portrayed by good acts.

“There are genocide orphans, widows and we always hear of the problems they face concerning accommodation and welfare. The love of Christ teaches us to help such people and build houses for them among others,” lamented Father Bishyanuka.

He said that helping the vulnerable does not require one to have money. You can use your hands to build for the homeless.

 “Remember that God wants you to work and develop. Be somebody who refuse to embrace self-pity that can lead you to poverty and health problems,” he added



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