During the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, Churches were a site of mass killings. In previous bouts of ethnic violence, no one had killed in a church, but during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis was different.

The ex-communicated catholic priest, Father Jean Ndorimana on Thursday challenged the Catholic Church to establish the truth about the church’s role in 1994 genocide against in Rwanda and continued abuse of office by some bishops.

The retired Reverend Father Ndorimana made the statement during the 21st commemoration in University of Rwanda, Nyagatare Campus.

Father Jean Ndorimana

Father Jean Ndorimana


He challenged the church to make a public apology not only to Rwandans but to the whole world because it had a moral responsibility in which more than a half of those killed died in churches where they had taken refuge.

Ndorimana said that the church had a role in the genocide when priests killed fellow priests and seminarians killed fellow seminarians.

m_Father Jean Ndorimana challenges Catholic Church on 1994 Genocide

Church authorities contributed to the spread of racist theories mainly through the schools and seminaries over which they exercised control.

Fr. Jean Ndolimana explained that the Catholic Church instead of playing an important role in institutionalising injustice by convincing their congregants to accept a morally reprehensible policy.

“Regrettably the Church took the side of the political regimes, and thus was unable to exercise its prophetic role. It did not denounce political and social injustices, nor did it condemn the first mass killings, nor those which followed” he said.





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