Nyamasheke: Vulnerable genocide survivor gets shelter

Rwanda civil society platform, an umbrella of 15 Civil Society Organizations and STECOMA, the trade union of construction workers in Rwanda built a house for genocide survivor who was left without family members in Nyarucaca village, Kibogora cell, Kanjongo sector in Nyamasheke district.

In jovial mood, the beneficiary Esther Nyirajyambere commended Civil Society Organizations for their support.

““I thank God and more particularly, Rwanda civil society platform, may it be blessed and successful”. She stated, “I have heard of many organisations but none of them has managed to build a house for me. I am overjoyed; I do not have words to express it”said.

Jean Claude Mbarushimana, head of construction workers in STECOMA said that it’s big contribution to the development of the country, adding they plan to continue with the good deeds.

“Together with Rwanda civil society platform, we built a house for Nyirajyambere as a way of contributing for the development of the country,” said Mbarushimana.

Nyamasheke: Vulnerable genocide survivor gets shelter

Tatien Munyaneza, the in-charge of decentralisation at Civil Society platform highlighted that building for the genocide survivor took place during governance week, saying it’s meant to show their partnership with the government in social economic development.

“It’s important that the public understands that civil society represents, advocates for them and takes part in helping the country to improve the welfare of the residents,” he added.

Rwanda civil society platform provided construction materials while STECOMA provided labour.

The construction project whooped over Rwf2.5m.

The Rwanda Civil Society Platform is an umbrella of 15 Civil Society Organizations created in July 2004 and has the mission to represent its members in the processes of facilitating citizen’s participation in sustainable development efforts through constructive dialogue, debate and advocacy.



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