Nyabihu: Red Cross builds for former Rwandan refugees

A nonprofit organization Red Cross Rwanda that supports the government in helping the vulnerable people has built 180 houses for Rwandan refugees that returned from Congo and other countries.

The move aims to improve the social conditions. The houses are built in Bikingi village in Bigogwe sector in Nyabihu District and most occupants are former residents of Gishwati.

These former refugees were in exile for long and their houses had been destroyed by the time they came back, leaving them with no place to live in.

Marcel Ndandu,coordinator of Red Cross in Nyabihu District revealed that out of 180 houses to be built, only 160 have been completed and occupied, saying the remaining 20 are under construction.

Every house is worth Rwf2.5 million and expected to accommodate two families as it has two sections.

The houses have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, latrine and a bathroom.

“The aim of Red Cross is to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable, this is why we build houses for them,” said Ndandu.

In addition, a kitchen garden will be made at every house to help residents improve on nutrition and prevent malnutrition.

Apart from building residential houses, Red Cross Rwanda donated 420 sheep and scholastic materials to the school children.

Damien Kayitankore, a beneficiarycommended Red Cross and the government of Rwanda for the continued support, saying they will work hard to benefit from the livestock for sustainable development.

House construction activities commenced in 2014.




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