Nyamagabe: Residents praise the work of Catholic nuns

Residents of Nyamagabe district commended the catholic religious association for their role in promoting social development in the area.

This was revealed on January 6 as Nuns Association (abari b’umwete) celebrated 25th Jubilee in Gashasha village, Gatare cell, Gatare sector in Nyamagabe district.

Nyamagabe: Residents praise the work of Catholic nuns

Participants commended Nuns for playing a big role in improving residents’ welfare through building schools, hospitals, contributing for mutual health insurance, building houses for the homeless and donating livestock.

One Tasiyana Nyirantibuka said: “Nuns have improved our social condition through building nursery schools, helping the needy among others.”

Another resident, Mariya Kwitamba added: “I was homeless spending the night anywhere I could get until nuns built a house for me. In addition, they paid for my health insurance and now I do have access to medical care.”

In his remark, the guest speaker, Governor of Southern Province Alphonse Munyentwali commended the role of religious leaders in residents’ development.

“We cooperate with the Catholic Church and religious organisations in improving the lives of vulnerable people. We appreciate their effort as development partners,” he added.

Nuns Association (abari b’umwete) started in Rwanda in 1990 and builds primary and secondary schools, nursery schools, builds houses for the vulnerable residents, built houses for 70 Tanzania evictees and donated 200 cows in Nyamagabe district. 



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