The Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), showcased its achievements in Ngororero district.

VSO achievements were showcased to the public in an exposition of its projects in the district that has transformed lives of citizens.

VSO promoted education of people with disabilities

VSO promoted education of people with disabilities

 ‘VSO has touched lives in Ngororero district and also facilitated the district to achieve the third position in the realization of the 2013/2014 performing contracts,” explains Emmanuel Mazimpaka, the Vice Mayor for finance and economic development of the district.

He also noted VSO has promoted education quality in the district by introduction of learner centered methodology of learning instead of teacher centered methodology.

With the support of people with disabilities program in the district, VSO is credited with training different administrative leaders from the district to the cells levels and CNPD officials on the rights of people with disabilities and how to incorporate them in development programs.

Youth with disabilities received training in technical skills by VSO

Youth with disabilities received training in technical skills by VSO

 VSO also trained members of the cooperative for people with disabilities on management and profit making of the cooperative and evaluating the benefits of training.  Providing study trips to members of bee keeping cooperatives to learn from experienced and successful bee keepers.

Apart from offering different kinds of trainings, VSO provided support to different cooperatives with material and work related tools, steering them towards development.

“VSO has supported our district in sectors like Education for All program, motivating people with disabilities to work hard with their abilities, training and encouraging people to work in cooperatives, which are so important to the district’s development,” says Emmanuel Mazimpaka, the vice mayor for finance and economic development.




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