Rwanda Red Cross has insisted on strengthening all its structures through training of its volunteers for them to appreciate the mission of the organization that they serve.

About 45 Red Cross volunteers from across the country are in a one week training on how to provide support during natural disasters.

The Red Cross volunteers undergoing training

The Red Cross volunteers undergoing training

The one week training taking place in Kirehe district comes after Rwanda Red Cross realization of apparent increase of natural disasters all over the world.

“This training will equip the Red Cross volunteers with skills to deal with natural disasters before they happen,” explains Apollinaire Karamaga, the Executive Secretary of Red Cross Rwanda.

Karamaga added that it’s the Rwanda Red Cross’s primary duty to build the capacity of its workers and volunteers to be able to respond on signals that can lead to certain disasters.

“We will get out of this training with knowledge and capacity to prepare and deal with effects of natural disasters explained Angelique Akingeneye, from Red Cross Muhanga district.

Rwanda is one of the countries affected by natural disasters including heavy rains and storm which has led setting strategies including evacuating people from areas that are termed as High Risk Zones to reduce effects of Natural Disasters.

Apart from being equipped with knowledge, the Red Cross volunteers constructed 126 houses for Tanzania returnees living in Rumuri village of Nyamugari sector of Kirehe district.



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