Public rally behind drug abuse fight

Drug abuse is quickly becoming a public health problem, as youth are most likely to be victimized by substance abuse.

“Illegal drugs destroy lives, future, families and communities. We are all stakeholders in the war against drugs; families, schools, and both the local and national government,” says Ange Flora Kamugisha, program manager for Rwanda Girl Guides Association.

She said that drug usage has a negative impact on socio-economic development, causing hazards to health as well as being a threat to national stability.

The call was made on August 23 during an awareness campaign against drug abuse among youth in Rusizi district.

“Some neighbouring countries have high rate of drug use that makes it easy Rwandan youth near the access the drugs,” she noted.

Kamugisha also asked parents and teachers to help in sensitizing the youth on the dangers of drugs abuse and its trafficking.

“Activities that fight drug use are so important to the youth because we are aware of the bad impact of using drugs,” said Jean Claude Muhire; one of the youth participants.

Ela Umulisa, a parent in Kamembe sector says that parents are also concerned about the drug issue and can easily identify drug users in the community.




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