Red Cross supports people affected by natural disasters

Red Cross supports people affected by natural disasters

Red Cross workers are moving around all sectors of Ngororero district explaining to the people and their local leaders about Red Cross organization, as the organization’s moves to promoting its services.

According to Emmanuel Mazimpaka, vice mayor for finance and economic development and Red Cross Coordinator in the district, the campaign intends to let people learn principles guiding the organization.

 “Through this program, Red Cross will evaluate its realization of it goals in the sector,” said Mazimpaka. 

The projects of Red Cross in Ngororero district are solely based on support of people in trouble especially caused by Natural disasters, supporting poor students who need to go through with their education, providing good water to people, medical support among other things.

Josephine Mumukunde who coordinates production department in Red Cross asked people to join the organization as it needs many members to support people who need it the most.

In Ngororero district, Red Cross has about 500 members who have been trained and work with it well but this number is still little as Antoine Numugabo who is in charge of communications in Red Cross explains.

Ngororero district Red Cross has an objective of being self reliant and stop relying on foreign aids. The district offered red cross a plot of land to build in a building that will provide funding to the organization.

For one to be a member of Red Cross, they have to pay membership fee of Rwf6, 500 annually. Red Cross operates in 189 countries in the world including Rwanda.




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