In the program to promote good governance towards development, the Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA) project in Ngororero District has started a training program to local people in Community Work Committees.

m_Ngororero focuses on Community Work, promoting ‘Umuganda benefits

Residents participating in a Community work an activity that has become a basis for communal development in Rwanda

About 630 local people from 13 sectors in Ngororero district are being trained on promotion and benefits of Community work (Umuganda) as well as the working relationship between community work committees and local people.

This training will help in promoting the Community Work especially in places where people do not value it due to poor preparations. Community work is a mandatory work for all Rwandans every last Saturday of the month in different sections of the community.

Ngororero district is one of the first districts in the country with a large number of its residents participating in the monthly and even special community work programs.

Apart from the training, PPIMA provided 20 television sets to be distributed to people in different villages in the district. These televisions will be used to provide information to people especially concerning their rights and the national news.

PPIMA also participate and promote physical sports in the people of Ngororero district by preparing friendly matches in different categories of people. On Wednesday the 5th, 03, 2014 workers of projects that work with PPIMA like Tubibamahoro, ADI Terimbere and AJIC had a friendly football match with the district’s workers.




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