m_Nyanza women get livestock, foodstuffs

Action AID gave the women different items including cows

Needy women in Rwabicuma Sector of Nyanza district have received support from Action Aid International that donated different food stuffs, 36 Frisian cows and 80 other livestock.

The support was provided to help foster development efforts by the government of Rwanda in cooperation with various organizations.

Before the support from Action Aid, women in Rwabicuma Sector say they were living in poverty cycles.

Bernadette Mukamusoni a resident of Rwabicuma sector said living in poverty is becoming history due to the support of both the government and such organizations.

She explained that things changed after receiving cows and livestock.

“Since we started receiving the support, we have been taking care of it, we hope for a better future, we have  milk for our families, sell some for money and use manure for boosting productivity in our farms.”

Anatolet Uwiragiye who works for Action Aid in Gisagara and Nyanza districts said these domestic animals were given to women in Rwabicuma sector on the financial support of Holland with the aim of promoting animal husbandry to poor people in rural areas.

Apart from supporting people living under the poverty line, Uwiragiye says Action Aid supports poor children with the support of its different partner organizations through providing scholastic materials and building schools.

Action Aid aims at promoting social welfare of the people in rural areas. The organization is already working at promoting women in Rwabicuma sector through distributing livestock to eradicate poverty in families.




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