A team of different leaders in Nyanza district visited ‘Dufatanye Umurimo’ cooperative, one of measures taken to promote farming that has contributed to growth of economic status of rural people.

 ‘Dufatanye Umurimo’ cooperative grows maize on a large scale

‘Dufatanye Umurimo’ cooperative grows maize on a large scale

 ‘Dufatanye Umurimo’ cooperative made of 39 members was visited by a team of local leaders on Tuesday February 4, 2014. The cooperative was acknowledged for the development and governance it has accorded its members after getting a partner to train and finance its operations.

Jean Paul Ntaganda the coordinator of Hand in Hand Association in Nyanza district that supports ‘Dufatanye Umurimo’ cooperative said they first instilled a positive perception of the leaders and the members.

With the change in the understanding of members and leaders who formerly used the cooperative’s profits as personal gain, members have rights to decision and it has developed.

Members of this cooperative learnt how to make and use manure in boosting the maize production they grow.

Vincent Nsanzimana the chairperson of ‘Dufatanye Umurimo’ cooperative says the cooperative started developing after Hand in Hand association became its partner. “Our partner in development gave us a long term loan of Rwf1.2 Million with no interest for our operations with which we built the storage facility for our maize production.





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