Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA) has devised a new way of bringing together the district administration, the district partners in development, district civil servants and other people to find solutions for better service delivery.

PPIMA laid the platform for the people, service providers, the partner organization and the authorities to discuss about health services in Ngororero district. Only health sector was discussed and other sectors will be discussed on a later date.

It recently concluded a 6 months evaluation of services in health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, water distribution and sanitation.

 m_Ngororero District striving to improve service delivery

Improving service delivery has been an important issue that gathers various people looking for way forward

According to Boniface Barishesha who works in Tubibe Amahoro Project operating under PPIMA in Ngororero District, the services evaluation was made in 10 sectors out of the 13 sectors in the district.

In 80 villages where this evaluation was done, 37 villages were concerned about health services, 19 villages were concerned about water and sanitation, 15 on agriculture, 5 on education and 4 on infrastructure.

“The aim is to give platform to service providers and services beneficiaries in the presence of the partner organizations in provision of these services. This will make it easy for service providers to know what people expect and for people to say what they need” Says Barishesha

Ferdinand Turahimana who works with the Joint Action for Development Forum (JADF) in Ngororero district says the services evaluation should be done more often for people to voice their needs while the service providers will know what people expect to be delivered.




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