Association Modeste et Innocent (AMI) operating in Huye district that aims at creating Unity and Reconciliation between victims and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis announced to reduce its operations.

Executive secretaries to carry out unity and Reconciliation projects

The executive secretaries of sectors AMI will cease its operations promised to develop the projects started

The main reason for the reduction of AMI’s operations according to a recent statement by its management, lack of the financial support and the cutoff of main aid from donors who think the bigger part of work is done.

The decision will force local authorities to do the work other than depending on organizations.

Among the many achievements AMI is proud of in Huye district include the unity created between genocide perpetrators and survivors with their families. These families have reconciled and no longer give value to their tribal differences but work together towards development.

Dieudonné Munyankiko the deputy coordinator of AMI says “those who hated each other most are in the same associations working on developmental projects together. They support each other, build for each other, save together and protect each other.

AMI is proud of establishing trust and harmony among the people that killed and humiliated the Tutsis during the genocide with the people who they were against.

Since AMI is reducing its operations in the Huye district, it is calling upon local authorities to keep upholding, encouraging and promoting the Unity and Reconciliation projects. AMI has been operating in all cells of the four sectors out of 14 sectors in the district and in 2 cells of the remaining 10 sectors.

AMI will now be operating in 5 sectors only but will keep supporting sectors administration in developing the projects they had started.

AMI also operates in Gisagara and Nyaruguru districts in addition to Huye district in all of Rwanda. The lack of financial aid will only affect the projects of Huye district and other projects in other districts will stay as they are while AMI is still looking for altenatives.



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