The delegation also visited sick people at a local health centre

The delegation also visited sick people at a local health centre

Officials from Rhenanie Paratinat Province of Germany donated 15 goats to needy residents of Gikonko sector in Gisagara district.

The delegation paid a visit to Gikonko sector in Gisagara district to seal their partnership between the sector and Fiten sector, Mayance District in Rhenanie Palatinat province.

Led by Gerd kallweit, the 3days visit to Gikonko sector that ended on November 29th 2013 aimed at evaluating the activities funded by Rhenanie Palatinat province. They include building classrooms and volley ball and basket ball play grounds.

Gerd Kallweit, team leader highlighted that the group represents their colleagues that stayed back home with the aim of helping poor residents improve their standards of living.

Gerd revealed that friendship between the two sectors will prevent hatred and racial segregation.

He explained that they will support activities of education, health, agriculture and recreation among others.

Father Augustin Musada, who represented Bishop Philippe Rukamba of Butare Diocese, said that the friendship between the countries will promote unity and foster residents’ social development.

It’s been 30 years of partnership between Rwanda and Germany, but the first time in Gikonko sector.




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