Ngororero District has opened up a Disability Resource Center that will be receiving and offering support to people with disabilities and providing desired information and knowledge to programmes of people with disabilities.

Disability Resource Center opens in Ngororero District

The Resource Center was officially opened during the function to celebrate the International Day for Persons with Disability on Wednesday 11th December 2013 in the District.

Ngororero Disability Resource Center will also be used in many activities that benefit the Council for People with Disabilities. This center was built by Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) that usually supports the National Council for Persons with Disabilities.

Disability Resource Center opens in Ngororero District2

The center will provide information and knowledge to people with disabilities

While preparing this Disability Resource Center, all kinds of disabilities will be put into consideration so that all of the people’s needs are met.

Emmanuel Ndayisaba the executive secretary of the National Council for People with Disabilities says Ngororero district is exemplary in projects and activities promoting people with disabilities.




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