Goat milk a weapon against malnutrition

Residents of Ngoma district have discovered a special medicine for malnutrition in the milk of goats.

According to Charlotte Musabyimana a resident of Ngoma district, goat milk curbs malnutrition faster than cow milk.

Musabyimana who lives with HIV/AIDS says that after goat milk helped her out of poor health condition, she decided to give goat milk to all malnourished children in her village.

The idea struck her after gaining 15 kilograms of her body weight up from 50 kilograms before.

“Over 20 malnourished children in this village that I gave goat milk in three phases, their malnutrition was cut down in a short time,” She narrates.

HEIFER International Project donated hybrid goats to the people living with HIV/AIDS in two sectors of Ngoma district to enable them improve on nutrition since some health and nutrition experts affirm that goat milk is nutritious than cow milk.

Musabyimana like other beneficiaries in Murama sector reveals partnership with Rukira health centre in malnutrition prevention.

This is because the centre sends malnourished children to them for goat milk, which they gladly offer and later attest that the children get better.

Dr. Charles Kayumba the Country Director of HEIFER International on his visit to the area commended the goat keepers in Murama sector for the work well done.

“These people are so generous to share milk with others even when it is not enough for them. It’s a good lesson we have learnt and may God bless them for the love deeds,” He says.

In Ngoma district, Heifer International Project donated 343 goats to the residents of Rukira and Ngoma sector in 2010. Each goat produces 3 litres of milk every day.



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