The administration of Rukara district in Kayonza district on Tuesday the 3rd.Aug 2013 inaugurated the development projects achieved with the support of the organization that partner with it in the development.

These projects are in economic development, infrastructure and social affairs of the people that were funded by Women for Women, World Vision and ADRA Rwanda organizations.

The poultry business flourishes due to importance of chicken in society

The poultry business flourishes due to importance of chicken in society

These projects include poultry keeping that is being done by Rukara Duterimbere cooperative of Health Advisors, the village that was created for vulnerable and poor people in Karambo I, clean and pure water that was distributed to people in Rwimishinya cell and a bridge that connects Rukara sectors to Gatsibo district.

The poultry farming project is funded by the Performance-Based Financing in Health (PBF) given to Health advisors as token of appreciation for the work they do for the community as Mustapha Gatera the chairperson of the cooperative explains.


Apart from poultry farming, many other projects to promote the social welfare of the local people like having clean water, constructing vegetables gardens, building them toilets and paying mutuelle de santé medical insurance for the poor were done for the people.

The e3xecutive secretary of Rukara sector Gervais Ntivuguruzwa appreciated the working relationship between the sector and these organizations in the development of the people. He asked the people to maintain and protect the projects offered to them by these organizations for them to last longer.





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