Pastor Rick Warren rallies thousands of Youth in Rwanda

Pastor Rick Warren has encouraged Rwandan youth to work hard and dream big and transcend their current challenges in life in order to build a good future for Rwanda.
The American reknown pastor was addressing over a thousand youths on August 31, 2013 at Petit, who participated in the second Rwanda Shima Imana (Rwanda Thank God) 2013 Youth Rally. The crusade was organized under the Peace plan programme- an initiative of Pastor Warren and Christian churches in Rwanda and designed to thank God for the country’s achievements.
Warren commended Rwanda’s development and challenged the youth to achieve the dream of the country by setting goals in life. “You are the new generation; God uses a man who never gives up, never fear failure if what you are doing is for the glory of God”

Pastor Warren, who is a friend of Rwanda, said that choosing Rwanda as his first destination four months after losing his son and temporarily suspending his evangelical duties is indicative of how Rwandans are close to him.

He said that Rwanda was the best place to overcome grief because of its tragic past and how the country managed to rise up.

Rev. Pastor Warren, founder of the Peace Plan, pointed out Rwanda has prospered because they worked together and put their differences aside. Rev. Warren also emphasized that Rwanda was successful because people chose to forgive those who had killed members of their families.

“Nowhere in the world does the government partner with the private sector and churches as Rwanda does… this leads to development and prosperity,” said Rev. Warren.

The closing event was also attended by Rwanda’s Prime Minister Dr. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, who challenged the youth on faith and work hard even as they thank God for the achievements.
“As we thank God for the good leadership that Rwanda has today, a leadership free of corruption and injustice, we all have to work hard together and God shall bless our country,” adding that Rwanda is blessed to have one language, one culture and one heart- as it is said in the bible- that such a community shall be prosperous.
Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana shared the vision for Youth sector in Rwanda summarized in HAPPi Generation which is an acronym (H: Healthy, A: Attitude; Aptitude (skills, education), P: Patriotic, P: Productive and i: innovative). He noted that “We want to see a generation who turns problems into opportunities … I hope that one day in our country everyone will get a dignified job towards the sustainable development.”

Minister Nsengimana hailed Pastor Rick Warren who agreed to be a Rwandan, added that Warren’s initiative in Rwanda is in line with the launched program called Ndi Umunyarwanda (am Rwandan) which is a platform drives the promise of the post genocide generation in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Shima Imana rally was themed “Dreaming great dreams”, was supported by the Rwanda Purpose Driven Ministries/P.E.A.C.E Plan is a Christian Organization and a platform of Christian Churches established in Rwanda resulting from the Friendship between His Excellency Paul Kagame the President of the Republic of Rwanda and Rev. Dr Rick Warren Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church (USA, California).

Rwanda Purpose Driven Ministries/ PEACE Plan aim to promote reconciliation among Rwandans, Equip leaders in all sectors of the Nation Assist the Poor, Care for the sick and Educate the next generation. Through this platform, all Christian churches have launched the National Thanksgiving Festival last year.



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