After the evaluation by Ngororero district to the organizations that are the district’s partners in development in the implementation of their set goals, the district is satisfied with the performance of these organizations.


During the evaluation process

The evaluating team that was made up of leaders and workers of Ngororero district visited the rural projects of the partner organizations by the end of august and appreciated the participation of these organizations in the development of the district.

The district thanked the partner organization for their work and promised to continuously support them in developing local people in Ngororero district.
“It is good and satisfying to work with this district and most importantly, we are grateful of the program of making the action plans together as partner organizations” says Antoinette Uwimana the representative of SNV organization that was also evaluated.
In general, the goals that were expected to be done in 2012/2013 were achieved and those to be done in 2013/2013 were decided upon. Among the goals that were not fulfilled include the distribution of Biogas to the local people by SNV organization of which the contractor failed to honour his part of the deal.




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