International Alert Project to research and prevent land conflicts

As a way of preventing and fighting the domestic conflicts based on properties especially land in families, the International Alert Project has initiated a program to eradicate the causes of these conflicts.

Through the dialogues, people will discuss land based problems and work on solving them. The experts and researchers will work on the solutions provided by the local people in these dialogues and write reports.

The crimes and murders in that are being committed in these days in Rwanda by family members are usually due to land conflicts and International Alert intends to reduce this. This was said by Betty Mutesi who works with International Alert during the official inauguration of this project in Ngoma district on Thursday the 5th.Sept 2013.

“We are experienced in conflict resolution as we started working on Unity and Reconciliation which was a success. So we are positive, we will eradicate land conflicts as well” says Mutesi.

Mutesi explains that International Alert decided to work on land conflicts prevention after these conflicts were accelerating in causing domestic strife in Rwanda and needed to be checked.

According to Agustin Simugomwa, the representative of local mediators in Remera sector, 80% of the cases they work on are based on land conflicts. “if this project starts on the root of the problem and teaches people to solve their issues through dialogues, I am sure these cases will reduce.”

Aphrodise Nambaje the mayor of Ngoma district says the district is grateful of the strategies laid by the International Alert to end the problems that have been created by land conflicts among the local people.

In the 3 years this project will be operating in Ngoma district, it will do research on this issue and write thesis that will be operational on the international level. International Alert Project will be operating in only 4 sectors of Rukumberi, Remera, Rukira, Rurenge in the 14 sectors of Ngoma district

The International Alert will operate in 3 years on the budget worth Rwf165 million in all its projects.




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