The volunteers in committees that fight school dropouts in Gasaka and Kamegeri sectors of Nyamagabe district that are funded by World Vision were given bicycles to ease their work.

On this Thursday the 22nd.Aug 2013, the volunteers were given bicycles to make it easier for them to travel quickly among their destined areas sensitizing students about education.

Nyamagabe district

These volunteers have responsibilities of moving around their villages and sensitizing students who dropped out of school as well as their parents and encourage them to go back to school. The volunteers give reports to the local authorities as well as World Vision and discuss strategies to take these school dropouts back to school.

Most of the school dropouts found out have been able to go back successfully as Marie Josee Nyirahabimana one of the volunteers in Gasaka sector said.

“We move in sectors finding school dropouts. We learn the reasons they are out of school, we discuss the issue with their parents and then compile a report to World vision that provides solution to these issues” says Nyirahabimana.

Nyamagabe district

Antoine Niyitegeka the acting Director of World Vision ADP Nyamagabe appreciates the volunteers for the work they do encouraging students to finish school. This so because these volunteers have a right to visit schools and check students books and learn of their attendances.

Ever since this volunteering program started in May 2012 up to date, they have taken back students back to school and prevented others from dropping out 103 students in Gasaka sector.

The executive secretary of Nyamagabe district Jean Pierre Nshimiyimana thanked the volunteers for preventing many school dropouts and helping the district achieve its goals of reducing the number of school dropouts.

He reminded people that the wealth of the country is its people and the inheritance a parent can give to his children is education.




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