About 350 people who were given cows to rear are grateful of the cattle medical insurance for the safety of their cows.

Cows were given by the Support Project for the Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture (PAPSTA) in the “Intwazamihigo” cooperative


Farmers in cattle insurance scheme


After getting these cows, some cows got sick and most died. The farmers thought quickly and decided on the Cattle Medical Insurance that has assured them of the best services to their cows. Their cows no longer succumb to illnesses, the farmers no longer find it expensive to provide medical services to their cattle and they have confidence of being great farmers.


Jean Baptiste Ntirenganya the chairperson of “Intwazamihigo” cooperative says “apart from the fact that the cattle insurance has provided security with our cattle, the money we get makes us venture in different other projects as a cooperative.”

“We were given cows because we were poor but we are now stable and supporting our families. This is because this cooperative gave us an opportunity to try other projects that provide us with profits” he added.

These farmers contribute Rwf2500 once to the cooperative which takes care of the cows expenses in case they get sick and the owner pays for these expenses in installments. This money is therefore used by the cooperative for other productive projects that profit the members of the cooperative.

Adrien Harerimana the executive secretary of Muhororo sector says all farmers and people in associations should form cooperatives and work profitably for development.




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