Pentecostal churches participate in fighting drug abuse

From different cities of Ruhuha and Nyamata in Bugesera district, Pentecostal Christians marched with banners against drug abuse which march was aimed at showing people how bad such practices can be if engaged in.

These people moved with Bibles, had different banners with word against drug abuse and marched on singing songs still against such practices.

“This message is meant to reach everyone hence stop people from selling and participating in drug abuse which is a very big problem in the country”, said Pastor Louis Rurangwa from ADEPER church in Bugesera.

 Pentecostal churches participate in fighting drug abuse01

Pastor Louis Second Rurangwa ADEPER church Bugesera

“Christians will continue with such message to their places of residence which will still be aimed at fight such practice”, said Gertrude Nyirazamani from Mwogo parish.

“This is a fight started and we believe it will produce good results”, continued Nyirazamani

 Pentecostal churches participate in fighting drug abuse02

Such a message has been only delivered in churches and different concerts but with such movements it will reach more people hence help cub down drug abuse practice especially in youths who are the main participants in such.




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