“If we can have good families, we could have good country” says the Bishop in the Anglican Church of Rwanda in the Shyira Diocese.

Bishop Laurent Mbanda said this on the Sunday the 28th.July during the closure of the 4 days gathering by EAR in Shyira Diocese.

Bishop Laurent Mbanda with his wife Chantal Mbanda

Bishop Laurent Mbanda with his wife Chantal Mbanda

The Bishop explained that if people can take care of their families as expected while upholding love and respect, this would promote a good country with responsible citizens.

“We prepared this gathering with the aim of reducing fighting and insecurities in families caused by marital misunderstandings. This gathering was for married couples to pray for love, harmony in families and stop fighting and killings in family members.” This was said by Mrs. Chantal Mbanda the wife to the Bishop of the Diocese as well as the head of Mother’s Union.

Bishop Laurent Mbanda says “It is never enough to teach family members and we always do so in phases. This is because a big family and a good country all come from a good family.”

The bishop goes on to say; “Rwandans need to give time and take care of their families. Because everything be a good country, a good parish or good diocese cannot be valid with no good family back grounds.”

The 4 days gathering was attended by 5000 people from different churches in Shyira Diocese in Gakenke, Nyabihu, Musanze and Burera districts.

People who attended this gathering say they learnt a lot of different issues from the gathering.





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