Kanama Catholic church was appreciated for the great efforts put in educating children which helps the district come among the best in education countrywide.

These thanks were read by the mayor of Rubavu district Sheikh Hassan Bahame last week 28th /06/2013, while celebrating the 60th Anniversary of St. Paul’s School that was constructed back in 1953.

Speaking to the congregation, Mgr. Alexis Habiyambere warned teachers in Catholic schools about not doing their best in educating children yet they are paid for that.

“Your responsibility here is to give these children proper education, train them to become good citizens of the country”, said Habiyambere who again called on children to stop participating in drug abuse which is a threat to  today’s generation, and also to girls to fight temptations while still in school.

“This school faced problem of infiltrators, but was later helped by the Parish in reconstructing it, and also got more land to expand it”, explained on Jeremie Sinamenye from Kanama Catholic Church.

The mayor of the district still thanked the Catholic Church for the great collaboration it has with the government which has still help improve on the education sector in the country.

Later students participated in different sports as entertainment to the guests together with the mayor of the district, Nyundo diocese Episcopal, parents, plus the Army leaders at 501 brigades among others.





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