Though Ibyiringiro project has closed its activities in Ngororero district, former trainees have revealed their intention to start a cooperative and train other youth in skills.

During 5 yrs of operation, 1030 including mostly youth were trained in skills and others got bursaries as says father Thaddee Musabyimana, Director of Ibyiringiro Project in Nyundo Diocese.

Clementine Musabyemariya acquired tailoring skills and given a sewing machine and other tools. She says that the project closed in June 2013 but she is ready to implement her knowledge and skills.

young trainees to form cooperatives

Clementine Musabyemariya with her sewing machine

Christine Dusangeyezu from matyazo sector and trained by Ibyiringiro project asserts that he is determined to help those trained to form cooperatives.

He adds that this way, youth will be exemplary in the district and it’s the best way to return the favor to Ibyiringiro project.

The vice mayor for social affairs in Ngororero district, Clotilde Nyiraneza highlights that the district will support trainees of this project so that the good work of the project is put to use.

Ibyiringiro project trained Ngororero residents in how to use composite manure to make soil fertile, improving nutrition, tailoring, hair dressing among others.



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