Fifty (50) wheel chairs were given to people with disabilities in Muhanga district by the Handicap international Organization to ease their mobility.

These wheel chairs are part of the 120 wheel chairs that will be given to people with disabilities in this district by this organization.


One of the children given wheel chairs

One of the children given wheel chairs

Hortense Umuhoza The coordinator for sensitization program in Handicap International explains this organization intends to distribute more 70 wheel chairs to people with disabilities as a way of solving their problem of immobility especially in rural areas.


This act was sponsored by Handicap international with the support of Rwanda Chapter and World Vision as well as Wheelchair Mission.

“Most of the disabled people have no financial support to get wheel chairs to aid them in moving around and rely on others to help them do anything” says Umuhoza.


Umuhoza goes on to say “we found out that most of the children do not attend school because of lack of wheel chairs to move around with. Adults are missing out on opportunities to develop themselves because of lack of mobility.”


This is what prompted Handicap International to think of giving people with disabilities wheelchairs to make it easy for them to achieve their goals along normal people. People with disabilities who were given wheelchairs appreciated the gesture by Handicap International especially since most of them have got work to do to develop themselves.




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