Women members of the teams financially supported by Action Aid Organization are grateful for their achievements in harmonizing their families as well as economic development thanks to the trainings by this organization.

Action Aid on women capacity building

Action AID builds women capacities


Action Aid Organization operates in Gisagara and Nyanza districts with the goals of building women’s capacity for women to be able to get out of poverty and develop their families instead of depending on their husbands.

Action Aid trains women on changing their understanding in animal and crop farming and thanks to such training; women learn how to live in harmony in their families.

“Action Aid has helped us in many ways; it taught us how to farm according to what is more productive. It taught us how to be more reliant and communicate in our homes and now we are living in absolute harmony with our spouses” says Dorothée Mukambayire one of Action Aid beneficiaries.

Action Aid Project started operating in Nyanza and Gisagara district with the purpose of funding leadership and opportunities for women.

Innocent Mutabaruka who is in charge of projects implementation in Action Aid Project says that Action Aid will keep on raising women capacities to turn women into self reliant human beings instead of depending on men for survival.

“Our goal is to ensure women’s self reliance, to make them into capable human beings who can work and develop their families instead of relying on their husbands.”

Action Aid’s project of raising women’s capacities started in Nyanza and Gisagara district with 2400 in 80 teams.





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