More than 385 people in Gatsibo district confessed they will never take or trade illicit drugs thanks to the prayers conducted by the Anglican Church of Rwanda.

Bishop Alexis Birindabagabo from the Anglican Church of Rwanda in Gahini Diocese explains that in the fight against drugs, the government of Rwanda sought support from religions.


Bishop Alexis Birindabagabo

Bishop Alexis Birindabagabo

Gahini Diocese decided to do so by targeting places where illicit drugs are mostly sold, they taught them repentance and most of them have given up on trading the drugs.

“We prayed for them, taught them the way to repentance and salvation. Those who were ready to ask for God’s forgiveness would receive eternal peace. Among the many, 385 people vow never to get involved with drugs but will instead work to glorify God’s work” explained Bishop Birindabagabo.

Bishop Birindabagabo who is also the coordinator of the neighbour’s eye program that is meant to eradicate drugs in the country says people who owned places where illicit drugs were sold are now selling food stuffs.




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