Nine cooperatives of AIDS carriers and vulnerable groups of people in Giti sector in Gicumbi district that were given cows by Red Cross Rwanda returned the favour and gave their cows off springs to the people that were not given in the first phase.

Some of the people given cows

Some of the people given cows


These cows were given to show appreciation for having been considered in the first place and to shows values of love in the Rwandan communities as well as support the concept of Girinka program explains Marie Claire Mukangarambe.

“I am grateful for having been considered and getting a cow and now I can show my gratitude by giving one to my neighbour. I have achieved a lot thanks to red cross Rwanda that gave us cows and encouraged us to form cooperatives” she says.

Prosper Ruberwa the coordinator of health in Red Cross Rwanda says this project operates in 9 sectors of Gicumbi district and has led many achievements in cooperatives it works with.

Gabriel Habineza who represented Giti sector administration in this function appreciated the achievements and projects by Red Cross Rwanda done in Giti sector. “He who gives you a cow protects you form poor eating habits. Children grow well without malnutrition effects and farming is boosted.”

Residents of Giti sector appreciated cows they were given

Residents of Giti sector appreciated cows they were given


Habineza recognized Red Cross as the only official partner to Giti sector and said they look forward to keep working with the organization. He also promised continuous support to the cooperatives of AIDS patients and vulnerable people in their quest to development.

Nuwumugabo Antoine who works in trainings and communications department in red cross Rwanda says such programs are red cross’s responsibilities especially supporting the vulnerable starting with the most in need.  It is a responsibility of the Red Cross to protect people from malnutrition, malaria and AIDS scourge.

Red Cross has about 2025 beneficiaries in Gicumbi district with 225 beneficiaries in every sector. It has given these people so much in poverty reduction programs including 111 cows, 78 pigs. More 90 cows and 156 pigs are yet to be distributed.







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