The police commandant in Nyamasheke district Superintendant Francois Segakware is calling upon all religious leaders in the district as well as social affairs officers in the sectors of the district to fight the use of drugs especially among the children.

barasabwa kurwanya ibiyobyabwenge

Supt. Segakware explaining to people dangers of drugs to children

Supt. Segakware said this on this Friday the 29th.June 2013 during the meeting prepared by Compassion International Organization to sensitize people about eradication of children labour and its effects as well as abuse of children rights.

Supt. Segakware said religious leaders as well as officers in charge of social affairs are supposed to be on the frontline on the fight against drugs especially in children for them to grow and develop well with no limitations.

Supt. Segakware explained to the people in this meeting about the types and the make-up of the drugs and how they impact the user especially the young people. Supt Segakware also reminded people of the law that punishes people who use and trade drugs.

Supt. Segakware called for everyone’s support in the fight against drugs and to prepare a country free of drugs, violence and crimes.





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