Compassion International Organization in Nyamasheke district calls upon all the levels of people to uphold children rights especially by preventing children labor.

The coordinator of Compassion International Organization in Nyamasheke and Rusizi districts Flavien Havugimana explained this on this Friday 28th.June.2013 during the training with district officials.

People attending the Compassion training

People attending the Compassion training

The training was for different levels of people with responsibilities of taking care of the children in the district. This included religious leaders for churches that partner with Compassion International Organization, social affairs officers in all sectors of the district, security councils and people in charge of labour in the district.

Flavien Havugimana said Compassion International as an organization with the sole goals of protecting children and ensuring their future will do all it can to uphold children rights. He asked all concerned levels to support this organization in making sure children live their lives as expected and have better future.

Clementine Nyirabambanza the labour official in Nyamasheke district explained to the people the type of work considered children labour and those that violate their rights.

Catherine Gatete the vice mayor for social affairs in Nyamasheke district asked religious leaders and officials in charge of social affairs to make strategies that will ensure good social welfare of children as well as have their rights respected.

“For such to be achieved, all people have to ensure harmony in families for children to grow and in good relationship with their family members in love and affection” says the mayor.

Pastor Jeremy Kacyira who is in charge of projects in Compassion International in Nyamasheke and Rusizi districts says the concerned religions are going to work on their programs of sensitizing people about children rights.

The administration of Compassion International says protecting children is the only way of ensuring the future of Rwanda. If children grow up with good education and good health, they will be responsible and good citizens working for a country that respects people’s rights.





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