On this Tuesday the 18th.June.2013, the Rwanda Bible Society officially introduced the programs that well be done in all Refugees Camps in Rwanda.

The program will include teaching refugees to read, write and count, preventing and counseling traumatized people and evangelism.

The banner for the new program

The banner for the new program

The function to officially introduce this program was held in Kigeme Refugee Camp that gives refuge to more than 18 000 Congolese refugees.

Bishop Augustin Mvunabandi the speaker for Rwanda Bible Society and a pastor in the Anglican Church of Rwanda says Rwandan gives refugee too many foreign refugees and even Rwandan returnees that need help. Rwanda Bible Society intends to participate by teaching these people about the word of God, healing the trauma caused by living poorly and in refugee camps as well as illiteracy.

“Rwanda Bible Society will provide bibles to people with the thirsty to learn the word of God as the weapon to give them strength and hope to the weary. We will prevent and heal trauma cases and eradicate illiteracy among the people in the refugee camps” says Bishop Mwunabandi.

Benjamin Karembera the director of Kigeme Refugee Camp says this program will help refugees in giving them hope for a better future, healing the traumatized and teaching them to read and write.

Philbert Mugisha the mayor of Nyamagabe district thanked the Rwanda Bible Society for thinking of the program that will help many people and that will give people new dreams and hope to survive through even the worst situations.

This program will be done in Kigeme, Kiziba, Gihembe and Nyabiheke Refugee Camps as well Nkamira and Nyagatare Camps where Rwandan returnees are received.

People will be trained to teach the refugees about reading and writing as well as counsel the traumatized. Religious lessons and biblical teachers will be provided to all refugees as well as their teachers.





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