The number of people in Nyabihu district with access to clean water has increased overtime from 20percent to 75percent according to Alexandre Sahunkuye the vice mayor for social affairs in the district.

The main regulator of this big achievement is WASH project that started operating in Nyabihu district in the last four years and have given more people access to water from 20percent to 75percent.

Hygienic clean water was distributed to people

Hygienic clean water was distributed to people

Sahunkuye says the improvement of over 50% is a big thing that requires appreciation. He wholeheartedly thanks WASH project for providing more 100 000 people with clean and pure water. This project provided water especially to the sectors in volcanic areas which had trouble accessing clean water and even made long distances to get jerry cans of water.

Residents in Sectors of Kabatwa, Bigogwe, Rurembo, Jomba, Jenda and Shyira now have access to clean water in not far from 500 meters off their homes.

Sahunkuye says WASH project has been of much help top the people. Unhygienic related diseases as well as diseases due to unclean water like diarrhea and dysentery have significantly reduced thanks to WASH project.

Hygiene and sanitation have improved in the district thanks to WASH Project. Apart from distributing clean water among the residents, the project has built toilets for the schools. More than 29 schools have hygienic and good looking toilets built by WASH project and this project again provided schools with water tanks.







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