JADF committee members in Kamonyi district exposition

JADF committee members in Kamonyi district exposition

The Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) supports the Non Governmental Organizations in making known their projects through the district committees and expositions done annually.

“JADF involvement in the operations of Non Governmental Organizations both nationally and internationally has reduced working in chaos of finding more organizations working on the same project” explains Osée Ndahiro the president of JADF in Kamonyi district.

He goes on to say “this also eradicated the non operative organizations that were known to be many in districts. Most organizations were skeletons available only on papers but with no projects till JADF started regulating this.”

JADF regulates the work of all organizations in the district making organizations to be aware of each other’s projects and not to work on the same project. Henry Habimana who works for Handicap International says recognizing each other as organizations makes them exchange information about their beneficiaries.

Jacques Rutsinga the mayor of Kamonyi district says incorporating the district committees into the work of Non Governmental Organizations have provided them with a platform to participate in the implementation of the performing contracts of the districts.

In the recent exposition in Kamonyi district

In the recent exposition in Kamonyi district

“When we are preparing for our performing contracts, we show these organizations our plan and what is in their expectations they fulfill them. Most of the projects about education, health and farming are done by NGOs” says the mayor.

“For the district to be able to interfere in the operations of an NGO, demanding for projects report makes the organization to evaluate itself and involve in people” says Expedith Musengiyaremye who works in Global Civic Sharing in Nyarubaka sector.

The districts prepare the exposition or open days for the NGOs annually to show and inform people their projects and services annually explains Mathias Ngarambe who works in Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) who follows closely the operations of JADF.

Uziel Niyongira the coordinator of “COPRORIZ Abahuzabikorwa” cooperative that grows and processes rice says such exposition days makes projects and services known to the people. “It gives a chance for the cooperatives to join and learn from others and make our produce known.”

JADF was created in 2007 on the support of the Netherlands government and the Rwanda Governance Board. Every district in Rwanda has a committee that incorporates the government programs with the operations of NGOs.




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