With the purpose to prevent and eradicate diseases caused by poor nutrition, HIGA UBEHO project that is funded by USAID through different organizations in Rwanda is teaching people the basics in good nutrition.

Local people in different sectors of Ngororero district are being taught how to make balanced meals in local gathering especially community work and the parents evening programs.

Parents are taught how to make juices form natural fruits

Parents are taught how to make juices form natural fruits


In Ngororero district, Programs like modern farming, hygiene and sanitation as well as good nutrition have been successfully carried out by Caritas of ADEPR church in Nyundo Diocese and HIGA UBEHO project is now ready to support these ventures.

Innocent Nzamurambaho who works in DUHAMIC-ADRI project that implements HIGA UBEHO project in Muhanga district says many people no longer confuse eating a lot of food as nutritious meals.

“People now know how to prepare well balanced meals using crops they farms like soya, different vegetables and even fruits. They also know how to do modern farming” Nzamurambaho said.




They are taught how to make balanced meals

They are taught how to make balanced meals

 Seraphine Nyiraminani a resident of Cyeza sector in Muhanga district says before the operation of these programs, this sector had a large number of children with kwashiorkor and malnutrition which is no longer the case.

HIGA UBEHO project trains people to train people on nutrition as well as preparing well balanced meals. Among the many things people are taught about preparing well balanced meals, people are taught how to make milk out of soya, tofu and different juices.

Jeannne d’Arc Nsabimana one of the people’s trainers in nutrition in Ruhango district says local leaders help them in finding families affected by poor nutrition and they then teach them about nutrition.





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