As the concept to support those in much need than others, the Red Cross committee in Ngororero district with the help of the district administration helped people affected with natural disasters.

Ngororero: Red Cross Committee supports victims of Natural Disasters

V/c Mayor Mazimpaka passing on the utensils

Red Cross gave home equipment including blankets, mats, jerry cans, plates, cups, spoons, clothes and soaps to the 46 families that were affected by the heavy rain that destroyed a lot of properties in the district since April and May 2013.

Residents of Kabaya, Hindiro, Matyazo, Ngororero and Sovu sectors were the most affected by the rain in the past 2 months and they were the ones supported by Red Cross with utensils worth Rwf1.3 million.

Emmanuel Mazimpaka the president of red cross Rwanda in Ngororero district who is at the same time the vice mayor for finance and economic development in the district told people to use well the provided utensils in the situation they are in.

Emmanuel Mazimpaka also asked people to stand against risks of natural disasters by evacuating from High Risk zones and settle in villages.

Residents who were supported say a good friend is known in need and appreciated Red Cross for supporting them when they needed it the most.

Red Cross plans to support not only these 46 families but also to the other 47 families that were affected by rain in the sectors of Bwira, Gatumba, Nyange and Ndaro sectors in Ngororero district.

The district administration is calling upon all people who would like to help Red Cross support its people who are in danger to do so with whatever they can get.

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