The international World Vision organization and Gicumbi district on this Thursday the 13th.June.2013 sensitized people in 3 sectors of Byumba, Nyankenke and Kageyo about family planning.

Gicumbi: World Vision sensitizes people on family planning

World vision representative and the vice mayor for social affairs



This sensitization program had a theme saying ‘family planning is health and wealth’ and was held in Kibari cell in Byumba sector. The program was solely based on explaining to people the importance of family planning to the health and wealth of people.

The vice mayor for social affairs in Gicumbi district Therese Mujawamariya told people that giving birth they should first calculate what it will require to maintain a happy family including provisions, food and the future of the child.

“You should first be sure that you will be able to pay for the child’s education, provide medical services, and feed him and everything else before giving birth” says the vice mayor.

“Family planning provides space, harmony and happiness in the family and hope for good health. Most of the unhappy families have a lot of children they cannot provide for” said Gideon Bihonzi the representative of World Vision in this function.

Gicumbi: World Vision sensitizes people on family planning

People attended in numbers


Bihonzi stressed that religions that teach people that God said they reproduce and fill the world is a misconception because God would not want people to have miserable lives and that is what happens when there is no child spacing and family planning in a family.

Bihonzi says he is grateful for the efforts the Rwandan government is using to encourage people to use family planning and have better lives. “People should heed the government, participate in family planning and work towards development.”

During this function, many troupes and drama groups participate in sensitizing people about family planning by entertaining them with plays on family planning themes. Among the drama groups was the popular IHEMA association entertainers like Kankwanzi, Shyaka, Stephano that act in Rwandan popular Urunana drama.






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